Kevin Brennan Is Self-Publishing His New Novel

What The Hell gift ideas

This baby has been on my radar for a number of years, but no one has had the ventanas de la nariz to give me one. I can think of at … Continue reading

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The true spirit of Christmas 🎄

We’re all adults here. Let’s face it: most of us are going to have a really crappy weekend getting ready for the big day. If you have to leave your … Continue reading

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Holiday bummer

We learned yesterday that our dream of building a house on our little piece of land in the Sierra foothills is defunct. Merry Christmas. I could chalk it up to … Continue reading

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Room with a Scrooge

As Christmas slinks nearer (yes, I’m a Christmas curmudgeon), my mind revisits Christmases past and their striking anticlimaxes. Maybe you’re a sentimentalist and can’t bring yourself to admit that Christmas … Continue reading

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What The Hell gift ideas

Who wouldn’t appreciate an assortment of 100 rubber duckies? Actually, I wouldn’t, but I’m a curmudgeon, so you can’t go by me. Caveat emptor, though, because if you read the … Continue reading

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Let (artistic) freedom ring

If it’s Monday it must be raining. Let me check. Yep. Later maybe I’ll scrape the moss out of my armpits. At least this dismal day gives me a chance … Continue reading

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27 Author Recommendations for Holiday Gift-Giving …

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No, wait! I didn’t mean you should wrap up an Author and give THEM to your friends, although I’m sure any of us…

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