Kevin Brennan Is Self-Publishing His New Novel

Risky business

Back in the ‘90s I decided to try my hand at day trading. Stocks. It was all the rage. I had left my job as managing editor of a cardiology … Continue reading

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Things Trump has done since last Wednesday

Seems like there should have been more Twitter rants after the health care debacle, but at least he’s accomplished these things since March 22. • Via the Department of Homeland … Continue reading

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Health scare reform

Well, the Republican health care bill — CyniCare® — has failed to spawn in the House, but you would still be wise to get your ducks in a row in … Continue reading

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Anthony’s Navel: Kevin Brennan, on discovering jazz

Originally posted on William Pearse | pinklightsabre:
One of my favorite writers and friends on WordPress, Kevin Brennan shares his story for my Saturday guest blog series, answering the challenge “what…

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With a happy tune …

Across my transom the other day came a video of my old hero, Leo Kottke, playing a sweet little love song called “Rings.” There it is, right up there. ↑ … Continue reading

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¡Fascination is live on Amazon!

Yesterday, with no fanfare whatsoever, I published Fascination on Amazon. I know. Unexpected, right? You can probably guess why I did it. Two main reasons: One, that after an initial … Continue reading

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The Historical Novel Society reviews Town Father

  How’s this for a pull quote? “Brennan does a wonderful job of bringing this off-kilter utopia to life in a narrative that is both highly entertaining and genuinely moving.” … Continue reading

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Occasional Soulmates – a review

Originally posted on reading recommendations reviewed:
Occasional Soulmates by Kevin Brennan Purchase copies here The Description When the thirty-eight-year-old San Francisco doctor meets her new patient, a handsome British expat…

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Yesterday Road – a review

Originally posted on reading recommendations reviewed:
Yesterday Road by Kevin Brennan Purchase copies here A coming-of-old-age beauty, destined to become a classic… It isn’t often that the sheer beauty of…

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Words best left on the shelf — today: eudaemonic

Here’s a word that never got on my radar. Eudaemonic: conducive to happiness. I need a eudaemonic martini right about now. It’s a word that’s hard to work into conversation … Continue reading

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Penny wise and pound foolish?

  Lately at Indie-Scribable, I’ve had a few prospective clients contact me about proofreading their novels, only to lose them when I quote my price. As you’ve heard me say … Continue reading

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