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He tried to tell us

George Carlin. I miss him. If you saw the excellent HBO documentary about him last week, you probably miss him too. We all do. I was lucky enough to see … Continue reading

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I made this poem for you 😃

I thought I’d share one of the poems that just came out in Misfit Magazine. Just a little wacky wisdom for your Thursday contemplation. Here you go:   Life Instructions … Continue reading

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⚾Launch day for The Prospect!⚾

It’s mid-spring, and what could go better with mid-spring than a baseball novel? The Prospect is now available for purchase and download (Kindle edition) at the unheard of price of … Continue reading

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My first published poem!

Last week I was fortunate enough to see the very first publication of a poem I wrote, in an excellent new journal called The Elevation Review. The zine is a … Continue reading

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My g-g-g-generation (or, Social Security Blues)

KevinBrennan · Yesterday’s Kids Every generation will someday utter the words, “In my day …” This song is my way of saying things were better when I was a kid. … Continue reading

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Get The Prospect for 99 cents for one more week!

Get ready. By this time next week, The Prospect Kindle edition will cost you $4.99. Don’t lose this last opportunity to steal it from me at just 99 cents. Heh … Continue reading

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A hard ode to Roe

Of course I have to say something about the Supreme Court’s apparent intention to strike down Roe v Wade. The first words that come to mind are “profound sadness.” Not … Continue reading

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It’s EReader News day for The Prospect

A lil’ reminder that The Prospect is on EReader News Today this morning, so if you haven’t picked up your 99-cent copy yet, now is the time! We’re shooting for … Continue reading

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Bye bye birdy?

I’ve participated in a lot of boycotts in my time. It’s one way to express outrage in situations where you have no other power but your body or your cash, … Continue reading

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Here’s a robust defense of the ever-useful em-dash. I didn’t even realize the em-dash needed defending, but apparently it’s much derided in some stuffier circles. I aim to use no … Continue reading

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