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Pay to play

Every now and then it gets driven home that we don’t have a republic anymore. We have the trappings of a republic, in that we’re entitled to vote—or some of … Continue reading

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Asking for a friend …

Actually, no. I’m asking for myself. Long-time readers of What The Hell know I’ve been at this now—writing a writing blog about writing and blogging—for almost seven years. In the … Continue reading

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war we’re at war we are war weary we are war

We’ve been here before. As a man of some years now, I realized the other day that I’ve been here several times before: on the brink of a catastrophic global … Continue reading

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Time keeps on slippin’ … and fallin’

Say farewell to the 2010s. We knew ye too well, ye cursed decade! There’s never been a decade that ended with such a bitter taste. Who can recall one that … Continue reading

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Good metaphorical advice for any pursuit

Here’s a little number that should help anyone through the race of life. “Pace yourself/Don’t erase yourself.” Hey, it’s worked for me in my writing. Sometimes it feels like finishing … Continue reading

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In case you missed it: a super review of “Eternity Began Tomorrow”

While I wait to hear whether EReader News Today will take my money and let me promote Eternity Began Tomorrow, a great new review of the book by Cinthia Ritchie … Continue reading

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Music for your next identity crisis

Do you like the wah-wah, kids? Well, as a great man once said, in this song I’ve given you a wah-wah. Once in a great while, when I look in … Continue reading

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Writing is like busking … or can be

This article about a San Francisco busker reminds me of my long-ago days of busking in the London Underground when I was a student. This guy says he averages about … Continue reading

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Xmas angst ~ 2019 edition

Sometimes the angst rises to a level that I can feel coming up behind my eyes. Like it’s a hot fluid perfusing my bodily tissue from the gut up. You … Continue reading

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Zadie gets it right

Somehow you need to get your hands on a copy of the October 24th edition of The New York Review of Books so you can read Zadie Smith’s piece, “Fascinated … Continue reading

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