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One month of What The Hell


Probably won’t be much action over the holiday weekend, so I thought I’d commemorate the first month of this blog by highlighting a few features that have been — ahem — underused so far.

In the sidebar (and accessible from links in the header too) are excerpts from the two books. You can read a big slice of my first novel, Parts Unknown, via the HarperCollins web site. Just click on the link and you’ll be taken to an online reader tool that gives you up to 56 pages of the book.

Parts Unknown, by the way, is made up of many stand-alone pieces that, taken together, show the full picture of a Sonoma County ranching family’s history. You can read these opening segments for a taste of how it works, but the overall effect is what I like to call “prismatic,” in that the white light of the full story is made up of all these colorful little ones. Take the plunge!

If you like what you see there, you can actually buy the book directly from me. Click on the “Buy Now” button for a connection to PayPal. For a cool ten bucks (free shipping to the U.S. and Canada!), you get the hardback edition, and I’ll sign and inscribe it any way you want. Just let me know in the “special instructions” box how you’d like the inscription to read.

Sure, you can buy Parts Unknown for pennies from Amazon, but why not contribute to my Yesterday Road Promotional Piggy Bank and buy from yours truly? Every little bit helps.

You can also read Chapter 1 of Yesterday Road via the sidebar or header. I offer it as just a wee taste, since, believe me, you can have no idea where this book is headed on the basis of the opening. There’s drug deals. There’s car-jackings. There’s Leonardo DiCaprio. Hijinks!

I’m also trying to build up my Twitter following, an itty bitty bit at a time, so if you’re tweeter, please click on the Follow button over there. I still can’t figure out how Twitter will help me, but better safe than sorry.

And if you’re a Goodreads user, you can browse through my admittedly shallow collection there. I haven’t had time to really fill it in yet. If you want, I’ll be your friend.

That’s the lowdown on What The Hell as it stands one month in — 132 followers strong! Thanks to all of you who have followed (I’m enjoying your blogs too!), and please spread the word as you traipse around Blogland.

(Image via Heavy Paradise, reviewing Vega/What The Hell.)

2 comments on “One month of What The Hell

  1. 1WriteWay
    May 25, 2013

    OK, doing the Twitter thing 🙂 What I like most about Twitter is following the indie publishing presses. And for good measure, I’ll tweet your post 😉 Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  2. Kevin Brennan
    May 25, 2013

    Why, thank you! I FEEL tweeted, all of a sudden. (I’m following you now too…)

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