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The Road to Yesterday Road


(Weds. evening: We were unable to reach our goal, unfortunately. I’ll let Grampa Simpson do the work for me now…)

(Weds. afternoon: C’MON KIDS! Not many have signed up yet. I’ll take the sticky off this if I can get five more by the end of the day.)

In the sidebar, right under the Yesterday Road cover art, there’s a new link to sign up for a newsletter I’ll be doing now and then as publication of the novel approaches. As all the textperts suggest, I’m trying to build an email list so I’ll have a battalion of zombie supporters ready to do my bidding when the time comes. This means you!

I’d like to provide for subscribers some content and contests that either don’t fit the blog or that offer something special in exchange for their email addresses. I have copies of Parts Unknown to give away, I’ve just ordered a small run of Yesterday Road T-shirts, and I’m envisioning some other goodies that you early adopters might like. But I’m also seeing the newsletter as an opportunity to share my experience with all of this on a more detailed, possibly more provocative basis (maybe with more cursing than I’ve indulged in so far!). Let’s face it, this is a daunting and often infuriating task we’ve set for ourselves — those of us who are publishing our own work. It might be nice to let off some steam with a circle of like-minded friends.

We shall see what the promotional benefits of a mailing list and newsletter are. It could be just another element to fuss over and obsessively track, which at least, from a societal point of view, keeps me off the streets. Or it could be a way of engaging readers and other writers that is more rewarding than skimming Amazon reviews like they’re written on Moses’s tablets. One thing self-publishing offers in contrast to the traditional mode is a sense of community, a dialogue, and the sense that we’re doing something on our own terms. It’s good to take advantage of all the tools at our disposal.

So do me a favor and click where it says click. Sign up. You can unsubscribe at any time, if you don’t want yet another email clogging up your inbox (though this would be no more often than fortnightly, I’m imagining).

And hey, you could win a prize!

(This is a sticky post for a couple of days… See below for newer content.)

One comment on “The Road to Yesterday Road

  1. 1WriteWay
    June 26, 2013

    Done. Good luck with this venture. I’ve read that in the long run, it’s better to accrue followers through email subscriptions than through Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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