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J.J. Cale is travelin’ light

J.J. Cale left the planet in late July, so I thought I’d put up this vid of what is probably his best-known song. (The year of the performance is, I think, 1979, not ’71, and by the way that’s Leon Russell at the organ.) Cale is one of those artists who had something of a low profile in the charts, but he was a musician’s musician. Neil Young said that Cale and Hendrix were the two best electric guitar players. Eric Clapton said of his playing, “It’s all about finesse.” You can listen to J.J. all night and day here.

Where would Clapton’s solo reputation be without “After Midnight” and “Cocaine”? And as far as “After Midnight” goes, I prefer Cale’s laid-back, whiskey-flavored version to Clapton’s manic, cocaine-infused cover.

So here’s my version of the song, slowed down to more of a two-in-the-morning mood when you wonder if you should try to get home or just sleep where you happen to be. Fair warning: I’m no singer, but the song has words, so I sung ’em.

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