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Are you in the wrong place? I am, apparently…

State mood map

I found this pretty interesting, and disconcerting. You take a brief personality test and find out which state best suits you. Turns out that Utah is a pretty great place (most agreeable and least neurotic), while Wisconsin is a hub for extroverts. Who knew?

I learned that I belong in North Carolina. Which is strange, because I feel right at home here in California. I guess I could make a go of it in Asheville…

As for my wife? She belongs in Georgia. Maybe we could visit each other on weekends. Or we could meet in South Carolina, I suppose.

Or just stay where we are. It’s been working fine.

So where do you belong? Take the test and let us know.

21 comments on “Are you in the wrong place? I am, apparently…

  1. Charles Yallowitz
    October 24, 2013

    Seems I fit in New York. Go figure.

  2. Jennifer Writings of a Mrs
    October 24, 2013

    Hmmm I am Canadian, can I take the test anyway? ( I love tests! )

  3. I belong in Georgia! I have lived in Athens, so there must be some science behind this test. No?

  4. John W. Howell
    October 24, 2013

    Seems I should be in Georgia. Are you sure this isn’t put out by the Georgia Chamber?

    • Kevin Brennan
      October 24, 2013

      I think you solved the mystery, John! Another marketing ploy disguised as science.

  5. jcollyer
    October 25, 2013

    I thought this would be fun as I don’t live over there but I think it must have known as it wouldn’t let me take the test! Alas! Perhaps this side of the pond is best for me 🙂

    • Kevin Brennan
      October 25, 2013

      That hardly seems fair! What if you were planning to move here? You’d want to know which state suits you best, wouldn’t you?

      I wonder what English county would suit me best… Always loved the Lake District.

      • jcollyer
        October 25, 2013

        I’m just South of the Lake District 🙂 I can see the mountains on a clear day. It rains though. A lot

  6. Michelle Hofacker
    October 25, 2013

    It says I should live in North Carolina. Hmm, I currently live in Ohio and was born in Tennessee. Guess I have been missing going too far north to find home. Well perhaps you I could be neighbors?

    • Kevin Brennan
      October 25, 2013

      We can hook up for coffee and wonder how we got there… ;o)

  7. tommiaw
    October 27, 2013

    Interesting – it claims I should be in Oregon. Wonder what state of mind would happen with a retake… (smile)

    • Kevin Brennan
      October 27, 2013

      At least that’s pretty close to where you are! I’m completely across the country… Huh? Wha?

  8. 1WriteWay
    November 27, 2013

    Vermont. Kind of makes sense since I spent the first 21 years of my life in upstate NY. I’ve been there once and it is a beautiful state, but I was really really hoping for CA or OR. On the other hand, thank god it’s not Florida 🙂

    • Kevin Brennan
      November 27, 2013

      Vermont sounds nice. (Better than North Carolina…) We were thinking about living in Vermont a few years ago, till we read about Mud Season.

      • 1WriteWay
        November 27, 2013

        Ha ha ha … the Spring Thaw aka Mud Season? I can imagine 😉

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