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Oyster Books–A Raw Deal for Authors? Guest Post by Kevin Brennan

This is the guest post I did for Francis Guenette’s blog, Disappearing In Plain Sight. There are a number of good comments on the post already, so go on over and join in the discussion. And be sure to check out Francis’ novel too — aptly named, Disappearing In Plain Sight.



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Thank you, first, to Francis, for asking me to contribute a post to her blog. She maintains such an eloquent tone here that I’m a little afraid of tarnishing the silver, but since she reads regularly, I’m sure she knew what she was getting into!


As a self-publisher with a newly released novel I’ve been exploring lots of ways that writers like Francis and me can find and attract readers, so at first I was intrigued by a new concept in “book delivery” – Oyster.

Have you heard of it? No? You will, and probably sooner than later.

Oyster has been described as a Netflix for books, and it works like this: Subscribers pay $9.95 a month and get to browse, download, and read as many books as they want. Pretty simple. And, you can imagine, pretty attractive to a certain kind of reader. According to…

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