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A Different Kind of Book Review: Parts Unknown by Kevin Brennan

Marie Bailey has done it again, with one of the most incisive reviews that Parts Unknown has ever received — and in the form of a novel excerpt to boot! (Thank you, Marie…)


This book review, if you will, is an excerpt from one of my (now many) novels in progress. 


Part of Melissa’s job at The Antiquarian was to close up the bookstore at 9 PM promptly.  She didn’t always though and often times because she was lost in reading.  If there were still customers in the store, she would leave them be as long as they were quiet and lost like herself among the stacks of used paperbacks.  Richard kept the first editions under lock and key at the front of the store, near the desk where she sat.  Sometimes Melissa wondered if he really wanted to part with any of those first editions.  As long as she had been working for him, now about a year, she hadn’t seen one sale.

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One comment on “A Different Kind of Book Review: Parts Unknown by Kevin Brennan

  1. 1WriteWay
    November 30, 2013

    Thanks for the reblog, Kevin, and thank YOU for being such a wonderful writer 🙂

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