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Horace Silver is one cool dude

This is a long clip, but treat yourself at least to a sampling. Silver is such a unique-looking guy — a fin-de-siècle vampire who happens to be slick as hell on the keys. In some shots you can see his perspiration dropping onto his hands as he plays. And check out the superb drumming, by Billy Cobham, and the harmonies created by those two horns. Just about as sweet as it gets in music.

To me, this performance embodies all that jazz is. Silver is both there and not there, existing on the plane of his improvisation. The playing is freewheeling but highly structured, and the whole quintet is like a perpetual motion machine composed of completely independent elements connected by nothing but thought.

Horace Silver (Horace Ward Martin Tavares Silva to his mom) is a real master. And any guy who writes a song called “Filthy McNasty” is okay in my book.

3 comments on “Horace Silver is one cool dude

  1. ericjbaker
    November 30, 2013

    The camera work is superb. Nice to see every player getting screen time.

    There’s nothing else in music like the ambient quality of acoustic jazz (owing a lot to the ubiquitous ride cymbal sizzling through most of it. I think). I appreciate the benefits of today’s digital technology for musicians on a budget, and electronic instruments make life easier for apartment dwellers like me, but something is lost in the transition.

    • Kevin Brennan
      November 30, 2013

      Absolutely. There’s something about the way real instruments sound, especially in person, coupled with the absence of effects (usually) in jazz.

      That said, I do love my GarageBand loops and software instruments for dabbling at home…

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