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Best reads of 2013

Cinthia Ritchie has dubbed Yesterday Road Best Indie Book of 2013! Many thanks, Cinthia. I hope everyone will check out your terrific novel, Dolls Behaving Badly.

Cinthia Ritchie

I grew up on a farm, out in the country with very few neighbors. Since our TV only got one station, my sisters and I read. We read before school and while riding the school bus. We read before supper and during supper and after supper. We read in the bathtub and while we were supposed to be sleeping at night.

I read voraciously, hungrily. Right before sleep I’d think of all the books I hadn’t yet read and I’d become anxious: What if I never had the chance to read them?

I still read, of course, I still have multiple books going at once, I still stay up half the night because I’m unable to put a book down. And I still sometimes worry about what books I would read or re-read if I only had a year left to live.

I decided to list my favorite books from this year. Many of…

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