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300th post


This is a self-reflexive post about my 100th 200th 300th post here at What The Hell. It deals with the fact that I’ve now posted here 100 200 300 times. There is no other message, subliminal or otherwise, lurking between the lines of this post. It is strictly here to announce that What The Hell comprises 100 200 300 posts, as of this post, for it is (and this can’t be denied) the 100th 200th 300th of 100 200 300. Prior to this, the number of posts here had always been in the two-figure category, but now, with this 100th post, Future posts here at What The Hell will continue to be in the three-figure category, until such time as the 1,000th post is posted, when it will be commemorated in a manner befitting the first post in the four-figure category. But that is a long way off.

This post, once again, is only the 100th 200th 300th post, and that is a fine thing too.

(Photo by John Trainor.)


4 comments on “300th post

  1. ericjbaker
    January 3, 2014

    Is it customary to congratulate a blogger for achieving a feat that is relatively free of overwhelming obstacles? If so, congratulations on smoothly sailing to 300 posts! Onto 1000!*

    * I used to follow a blog until it’s content producer began to make separate posts out of every argument she ever had in the comments section of an article, and every time someone at work annoyed her, and every time… I can only imaging she has crossed the 10,000 threshold by now.

    • Kevin Brennan
      January 3, 2014

      Congratulate? I was thinking pity… 😳 Stop me from posting again!

      That other blogger sounds obsessive compulsive. And can’t stand not to have the last word. (Glad I don’t know who it is!)

  2. John W. Howell
    January 5, 2014

    You would hope someone stops you. Hah! You would dry up like a plant in a drought. Congratulations

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