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Cat fight! Famous authors hatin’ on famous authors

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Everyone likes rubbernecking when there’s a good face-scratchin’, hair-pullin’ fight. It’s even better when the scratchers and pullers are legendary writers like Faulkner, Hemingway, Oscar Wilde, D.H. Lawrence, and a host of others!

A couple of my favorites from this list of 30:

Gore Vidal on Truman Capote

“He’s a full-fledged housewife from Kansas with all the prejudices.”

Mark Twain on Jane Austen (1898)

“I haven’t any right to criticize books, and I don’t do it except when I hate them. I often want to criticize Jane Austen, but her books madden me so that I can’t conceal my frenzy from the reader; and therefore I have to stop every time I begin. Every time I read ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ I want to dig her up and hit her over the skull with her own shin-bone.”

This is real fun Sunday morning fare. Have some coffee and a bagel with it…

6 comments on “Cat fight! Famous authors hatin’ on famous authors

  1. John W. Howell
    April 13, 2014

    Check out Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley if you want some fun.

  2. sknicholls
    April 13, 2014

    Wonder what Twain’s issues with Austen were all about. I like them both.

    • Kevin Brennan
      April 13, 2014

      The seem polar opposites to me, so I can see Mark being annoyed with Jane. That doesn’t mean someone can’t like both, though!

  3. ericjbaker
    April 14, 2014

    I had a fight like that with Chaucer. He got revenge by writing me into The Canterbury Tales. As a friar!

    • Kevin Brennan
      April 14, 2014

      Yes, I had a similar thing with the guy who wrote Beowulf… Shoulda seen the fur flyin’!

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