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Get your SEO-face on

Sound advice from our digital media guru to the north… (i.e., Canada). It makes as much sense as anything else I’ve read about this stuff!

Drinking Tips for Teens

This hep cat kids know where it's at word dog swag diddy yo LOL whaddup. #SEO #No1 #keywords These hep cat kids know where it’s at word dog swag diddy yo LOL whaddup. #SEO #No1 #keywords

What is every North American’s dream? Long lustrous hair that flows in slow motion like a summer breeze, of course. But the other dream is to be number one at whatever it is we do. And the one thing that everyone does is exist. Ranking in the top 10 of being, however, that’s a tall order. If you’re a cook at a greasy spoon, it’s a short order. Either way, the competition is fierce.

Being number one at being doesn’t happen by accident. It takes dynamic top-down marketingand optimization along with occasional “bottoms-up” martinis and libations. But more on trendline alcoholization later.

This is not your grandfather’s existence. We live in a multi-segmented, post-humanistic, funnel-cookie age, with billions if not billions-and-a-half people competing for that top spot in the existence

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3 comments on “Get your SEO-face on

  1. 1WriteWay
    May 9, 2014

    So that’s what SEO is?? Building traffic for the sake of building traffic. Frankly I’m getting somewhat bored with social media. I admit I haven’t put much effort into securing viable and true followers, but I still feel dismay whenever I see a new blog or Twitter follower whose only purpose is to spam with me dull entreaties to “boost” my numbers. At least with Twitter I can (and do) block those accounts. I don’t know if WP does, but I’m going to look into it. I’d rather have a smaller number of followers who at least are real people, than a large number of followers who are mostly bots 🙂

    • Kevin Brennan
      May 9, 2014

      You no like Cuban Cuties?!

      • 1WriteWay
        May 9, 2014

        I don’t believe Cuban Cuties have come my way …. yet 😉

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