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Dana Carvey can still bring it

Another thing we did while I was on my too-brief hiatus last weekend was see Dana Carvey’s show in Santa Rosa. He did about two hours of old and new stuff, working out some bits and refining his material, but let me tell you — the guy still has it. He had us howling.

One of the funniest things he did was his impression of Jimmy Stewart explaining the financial crisis. I couldn’t find a clip of him doing it anywhere else, so this little snippet will have to do.

It always encourages me to see performers/writers/singers/artists-of-any-stripe carrying on into their, let’s say, mature years. (My wife used to go to his sets at The Other Cafe in San Francisco back in ’79 and ’80.) It’s very clear that Carvey has the same standards he always had and that he takes what he does seriously, professionally.

I’m going to try to keep that in mind as I forge ahead…


2 comments on “Dana Carvey can still bring it

  1. John W. Howell
    June 6, 2014

    Really like him. Have always.

  2. Phillip McCollum
    June 6, 2014

    Turtle, turtle, turtle.

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