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What is the future of the novel?

Reblogging my own post, but it seems a good idea once a year or so to review why we do what we do. Be sure to read Mr. Nova’s remark in the comments too!


headshotWell, author Craig Nova (The Good Son), sez:

Now, in the modern age, the novel is the way we discover what we really believe.  If we tell a story, and it seems true and the characters seem real, and the resolution is correct, we are able to say that we are certain, or more certain than before about what we think is true.   The novel in the modern age is the answer or the response to a line in Camus’ notebook, which is, “That wild human longing for clarity….”  It is this wild longing that the novel satisfies, and as long as it does that, and as along as a novelist is honest about what it is like to be human, it will not only survive, but thrive.   It will become the method by which we judge our morality.

I’m not so sure about that last bit. The…

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