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Now and then I actually get a chance to post a review on Amazon. I’ve been meaning to get to this one, Strands of Sorrow, Threads of Hope, by Francis Guenette, for quite a while now. It’s a wonderful experiment in transgenerational collaboration, in that Francis has adapted the work of her mother, June, in several of these stories, producing an intriguing blend of their two minds. Fascinating. Here’s the opening of my review:

Francis Guenette has done something unique with this brief collection of stories. She has given voice to her late mother, June Guenette, who had been a fiction writer herself, albeit unpublished, while Francis was growing up. Some of the stories here are by Francis, some by June and Francis, and one — “Gifts Given, Gifts Taken” — by June alone.

Despite the varying authorship, you get the feeling as you read these tales that a single, or at least symbiotic, consciousness has written them. There is a moving combination here of regret, humor, moral dilemmas, irrational anger, karmic injustice, and even a latter day nod to Edgar Allen Poe…

Read the rest here. And buy the book. It’s only $2.99, and it’s going to stick with you.

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