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An Interview With Max Scratchman

Allow me to introduce the inimitable Max Scratchman, who, in addition to producing the cover images for my books, Yesterday Road and Occasional Soulmates, has an extensive portfolio of illustrations and performs his poetry in Edinburgh, Scotland, and environs. Be sure to watch the clip provided here. It’s hilarious!

Visceral Dream Cabaret

Featured image Max Scratchman: Illustrator, Editor and Poet

Max Scratchman is a freelance illustrator whose editorial works have been included in publications in Britain, the US and Japan such as The Guardian, The Big Issue and City Life. He is also a big presence in the Edinburgh and Scottish poetry scene and has performed with groups such as Loud Poets, as well as running a spoken word open mic, The Portobello Poetry Circus.

What got you into poetry, and who are your biggest influences?

I got into performance poetry completely by accident.  I’d been doing “author talks” in libraries for my autobiographical book – The Last Burrah Sahibs – and they always ask you to “read an excerpt” to end the talk.  Anyway, although I had been a performer in my student days, I was pretty crap at it, but I just-so-happened to see a workshop for performance poetry advertised and…

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