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What The Hell gift ideas

runny-nose-shower-dispenser This baby has been on my radar for a number of years, but no one has had the ventanas de la nariz to give me one. I can think of at least fifteen people I’d like to give it to. It’s one of those: How come nobody thought of this before? things. Easily refillable with your favorite shower gel, it comes with three suction cups “for easy mounting.”


6 comments on “What The Hell gift ideas

  1. Dylan Hearn
    December 21, 2014

    And the shower gel has to be green… I love this!

  2. John W. Howell
    December 21, 2014

    Where is the giant finger to put in the other nostril to finish the gross-out factor?

  3. Lynn Brennan
    December 21, 2014

    Yeah, I’d have to be the one to stick my hand up there to clean it when it gets clogged.

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