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Wilson Pickett is apparently in love

Did you watch “Soul Train,” kids? I used to, now and then. But I was just a dumb fourteen-year-old when it debuted back in ’71, and I’d tune in mainly out of curiosity than appreciation. After all, my rock n’ roll soul was more in line with Led Zeppelin and Traffic back then, even if Jimmy Page and Steve Winwood were copping licks from soul records. Now I know that the great soul guitarists of the era were doing incredible things — just listen to the guitar lines in this clip! — and I was a dunce not to pay attention. Ah well. At least I’m making up for it now in my dotage. By the way, I don’t think that’s Bobby Womack on guitar here. Maybe it’s Jimmy Johnson. Anybody out there know?

5 comments on “Wilson Pickett is apparently in love

  1. John W. Howell
    January 10, 2015

    Don’t know sorry. I loved Wilson Pickett. Must be my Detroit roots.

    • Kevin Brennan
      January 11, 2015

      So much great music out of Detroit… If only that city could claw its way back.

      • John W. Howell
        January 11, 2015

        Almost too late. The heart and soul is gone.

  2. ericjbaker
    January 10, 2015

    Soul Train was the best, especially in the early 70s, though I was too young to know about it until about ’78 or so. I used to watch it Saturday mornings as a wee lad and still try to catch it when it randomly shows up on TV. It’s weirdly uplifting watching a bunch of people dance around on that garish set.

    I don’t know who the guitarist is, but his style sounds like the session guitarist on some of the late ’60s Motown stuff, like Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead by the Marvelettes. Check out that tune for some sweet playing (more audible in headphones).

    • Kevin Brennan
      January 11, 2015

      Very nice guitar on that number. Thanks for the tip. I found a terrific guy on YouTube who specializes in showing you how to play some of the great old soul and R&B stuff, so I’m dipping my toes into a lot of that lately. He walks you through Dock of the Bay, and I was hooked! (You can never go wrong copying Steve Cropper…)

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