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Huxley vs. Orwell: The Webcomic

I was just passing a little time before resuming the chaos when I discovered this terrific comparison of the culture-fears of Orwell vs Huxley. As much as we love to hate Big Brother, it looks like Huxley was more prescient, and it was “Big Brother” the TV show that won…


Stuart McMillen’s webcomic adapts (and updates) Postman’s famous book-length essay, Amusing Ourselves to Death, which argues that Aldous Huxley’s vision of the future in Brave New World was ultimately more accurate than the one proposed by George Orwell in 1984. (Via).

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4 comments on “Huxley vs. Orwell: The Webcomic

  1. Green Embers
    March 1, 2015

    Ahh, thanks for reblogging this. I have been trying to find this web comic forever, I remember when it was posted a long time back.

    • Kevin Brennan
      March 3, 2015

      Yes, I think it’s a couple of years old now. But still (sadly) relevant!

  2. 1WriteWay
    March 3, 2015

    Is there a lesser of two evils here? With Huxley’s vision (and it is here and now) there seems less of a hope that we can find our way back to mindfulness. Hope your packing and moving is going well 🙂

    • Kevin Brennan
      March 3, 2015

      That’s a great point, Marie. At least Winston had awareness of his oppression and yearned for freedom. Now it seems like if we get our goodies we’re fine with whatever… 😱

      (And things are going along well with the packing so far. Thanks for asking!)

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