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Have you read Occasional Soulmates? Have you reviewed it?

3D coverCalling all readers (of Occasional Soulmates, that is…)!

I’m planning a promotion of the old girl next month, but to get a listing in some of the popular marketing outlets I need a few more reviews. So if you’ve read the book and haven’t yet put a review up at Amazon, please consider dropping a brief one there in the next few days. Just a few lines would do the trick.

I only need two more to list at one particular outlet, so a couple of intrepid volunteers will help immensely.

By the way, some of my favorite reviews are short, sweet, and on point. It shouldn’t take long for you to work up a haiku singing the book’s praises!

Thanks in advance, and I will remember the favor.




4 comments on “Have you read Occasional Soulmates? Have you reviewed it?

  1. Carol Balawyder
    April 3, 2015

    I have read it and liked it and have been meaning to post a review. Thank you for the reminder. 🙂

  2. Carol Balawyder
    April 4, 2015

    Hi Kevin,

    I posted a review on Amazon. It’s short but I hope you’ll like it.
    BTW, in case you’re not aware, I’m offering my own chick lit novel this weekend for free – Missi’s Dating Adventures.
    All the best with all your writing.

    • Kevin Brennan
      April 4, 2015

      Thank you so much, Carol! What a nice review! (And I’ve grabbed your book too…)

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