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One more review to go!

Occasional Soulmates and Godzilla

Thanks to the inimitable Carol Balawyder, Occasional Soulmates now has 17 reviews on Amazon, and I need just one more to be able to list my upcoming promotion on a particular marketing site. Merci, Carol!

Once again, to any of you who might have already read OS but not yet posted a review, now would be a fantastic time to chime in. Like Carol’s lovely review, it can be short, crisp, and on point — just a few lines. The only catch is, it ought to appear this week so I can submit my listing well in advance of the promo.

Yes, I hate to impose. I try not to come out a’begging too often, but your help this time would have real-live consequences.

Much obliged!

(Photo by the also-inimitable Eric J Baker.)

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