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Aristocratic static

I ran across this clip last week and thought it was a pretty cool song. I love the voice, the unembellished guitar playing, the lyrics. Then I found out that Laura Marling is the daughter of the Fifth Marling Baronet, County of Gloucester. What is this, “Downton Abbey, The Later Years”?

There’s so much nepotism in the world that I know I shouldn’t be surprised. Marling’s father ran a recording studio, apparently, so it’s only natural that he should have encouraged her to take advantage of that. But she’s talented too, so it’s not like a Citizen Kane thing. The aggravating thing is, if most of the available slots in the arts are taken up by the sons and daughters of the rich and well-connected, where does that leave us schlubs who hone our craft in suburbia, small towns, or inner cities? We all know there are plenty of talented people out there who don’t get a crack at the big time, and it’s sad to think that’s mainly because the Fifth Marling Baronet and his mates have closed the door behind them.

Still. Good song. I’m going to keep an eye on Marling, who, incidentally, is not the heir to the title. Because she’s not a dude.


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