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Hie thee to Helena’s latest


Look what came in the mail on Friday. Volume Two of Helena Hann-Basquiat’s Memoirs of a Dilettante.

I bring this up not only because Helena is a splendid writer who uses language like a pizzaiolo twirls dough (i.e., with aplomb) but also because she quoted me on the back cover. I’d like to think my blurb will help her sell a few copies, but I’m also hoping some of Helena’s readers will hop over and buy my books. Blurbing is a two-way street.

I’ll keep this brief so you can click rye-cheer and grab your copy. If you loved volume one, I’m confident that volume two will float your boat, warm your cookies, and massage your buns with the continuing saga of Helena and the Countess of Arcadia, Penelope.

I need to get up to Arcadia one of these days and drop in on them. I know Helena has one hell of a record collection.


5 comments on “Hie thee to Helena’s latest

  1. 1WriteWay
    April 19, 2015

    Yup, got my copy too. Now … to find the time to read 😉

  2. Pamela Beckford
    April 19, 2015

    Reblogged this on Poetry by Pamela.

  3. John W. Howell
    April 19, 2015

    There is another geek mentioned there as well.

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