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Mañana. Occasional Soulmates. Gratis!


Just a friendly reminder, all you Whos in Whoville, that Occasional Soulmates will be available as a free download all weekend, starting tomorrow in the a.m. It’s an unofficial Occasional Soulmates three-day weekend. Download responsibly!

I’ve set up listings on a number of promotional sites, including Ereader News Today (running on Saturday), Digital Book Today, The Book Circle, and eBookLister. It’ll be interesting to see how much each of these outlets contributes to the push, as well as how a free download produces sales of my other titles. Wishful thinking? We shall see.

Once again, starting tomorrow morning, if you can reblog tomorrow’s announcement post, drop a tweet or two, email a few friends who might like the book, or grab it as a gift for reticent Kindle owners (I’m assuming you can use the gift button on Amazon for freebies), I’ll be forever grateful. Snag one for yourself if you haven’t read it yet. And consider contributing a brief review if you have read it.

I’ll report next week on how this went, but in the meantime, spread the word!

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