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Tull we meet again

Jethro Tull, that is. Here’s Ian Anderson, having aged very gracefully, I think, doing a song in a baroque parlor of some kind. With strings. And yes, he does put down his guitar to do a flute solo. He’s just about the only rock flute player I can think of.

Don’t forget, Occasional Soulmates is still free and will stay free through tomorrow night. We’re off to a bit of a slow start this morning — people are still wiping the sleep out of their eyes, I guess — so if you can give a little push, I’m sure that would help.

Songs of praise, too, to Fran Guenette, who posted a wonderful review of OS on Amazon yesterday. Thanks, Fran! (Check out her new Crater Lake novel, Chasing Down The Night, as well.)

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