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An 81-year-old guitar hero


Watch this gentleman do a spontaneous version of “Besame Mucho” in a music shop and understand that you never have to stop doing things you love to do. The dude has chops!

Turns out he was a professional musician who had a successful career in Tennessee, but it’s clear he’s kept up with his practicing.

Let this be a lesson to you, youngsters!

4 comments on “An 81-year-old guitar hero

  1. kingmidget
    October 25, 2015

    That is pretty amazing. Years ago, a co-worker brought his guitar in to work. He hadn’t played it much lately, having switched over to the violin at some point. He sat down during lunch and played Romance on it. It was stunning. I had never heard the song before and he played it so beautifully without much practice. Some people have the talent.

    • Kevin Brennan
      October 25, 2015

      Yes, I really envy those people who can just play. I have to work at it and keep practicing or I lose my mojo!

  2. pinklightsabre
    October 25, 2015

    That’s quite a dramatic change in your thumb nail! That look is coming back I think.

    • Kevin Brennan
      October 26, 2015

      Yes, now I’m channeling my new character. Nice to be in dude’s clothes again!

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