Kevin Brennan Writes About What It's Like

What Kevin Brennan talks about when he talks about writing

Cinthia Ritchie, author of Dolls Behaving Badly, ran this on her splendid blog yesterday. In it I talk a little bit about where Town Father comes from — America’s utopian heritage — but here’s your chance to visit with Cinthia and discover her always-inspiring posts on reading, writing, running, and life in Alaska.

Scoot on over!

Cinthia Ritchie

Guess who’s visiting today?

Kevin Brennan (can you tell that I’m excited?).

Not only is Brennan one of my favorite writers (author of Occasional Soulmates, Yesterday Road, Parts Unknown and Our Children Are Not Our Children), but he writes women characters that are so authentic, so complex and flawed and human and real, that it’s impossible to believe that they were written by a man. I think this is because he secretly harbors a woman’s soul, which is one of the biggest compliments I can give a writer.

But I’ll shut up for now, grab some chocolate and let Brennan take over.

(P.S. I couldn’t get the caption to come through but the vivid painting at the top of this post is Welcome to Utopia by Julia Di Sano.Source: fineartamerica.com. See more of her work here.)

Sonoma County Kevin Brennan contemplating his next book with his dog, Hitch.

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One comment on “What Kevin Brennan talks about when he talks about writing

  1. John W. Howell
    November 13, 2015

    Super post about one of my favorite authors as well.

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