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Good books done dirt cheap


In anticipation of the 12/8 ebook release of Town Father, starting today both Occasional Soulmates and Yesterday Road are on sale at Amazon for 99 cents each.
Here’s a buncha links:

Occasional Soulmates US

[Note: I’ve deleted links to Amazon Canada and UK because it appears that countdown deals don’t carry over to them. It’s US only, which is a shame…]

Yesterday Road US



From now through 12/7 you can pre-order Town Father for instant delivery to your Kindle on 12/8. Here you go:

Town Father US



Both Soulmates and Road will be featured on EReader News Today over the weekend, so there’s a strong chance they’ll hit a couple of charts. If you’re inclined to buy one of them (or the whole darned set!), Saturday or Sunday would help provide a little extra mojo for that.

As always, thanks for your support, and I’m looking forward to new reviews of Town Father as readers climb on the bandwagon. Every review helps!

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