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It’s Occasional Soulmates’ turn — 99 cents/3 days

Occasional Soulmates and Godzilla

Today Occasional Soulmates is listed on EReader News Today, announcing the 99 cent sale that runs through 12/6. Again, if you’re inclined to pick up a copy, today would be perfect for trigger-pulling because it’ll help the book chart on Amazon. If you already own it, forward the link to friends n’ family, if you please.

In other news, do check out my reprise on Susan Toy’s Reading Recommendations blog. She’s kindly offered a spot now to help promote Town Father.

I’ve also learned that I now have a page on Book Gorilla. I’m not sure what that will do for me, but I am fond of books and of gorillas, so it’s a good thing all around.

Finally, to newsletter recipients: I see that very few list members have opened their emails, which leads me to think that most of them wound up in spam folders. If you’re interested, and if you’d like a crack at the giveaway opportunity, stick your nose in the spam bucket and see if it’s there.



5 comments on “It’s Occasional Soulmates’ turn — 99 cents/3 days

  1. wheremyfeetare
    December 4, 2015

    Read it, loved it!

  2. Charles Yallowitz
    December 4, 2015

    Reblogged this on Legends of Windemere.

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