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Town Father – a review

A recap of Cinthia Ritchie’s Amazon review of Town Father. Muchas gracias to Cinthia and Susan Toy, for disseminating!

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Town Father, Or, Where Graceful Girls Abound
by Kevin Brennan

Purchase copies here

I loved this book. The voice reminded me of a male Jane Austen, due to the slow and careful attention to detail plus the complex yet subtle interactions between the characters (and lord knows I love me some Jane Austen). What I loved best, though, were the small flickers of humor carefully placed throughout the story, many of which made me laugh out loud.

The premise of the book: Meek-mannered Henry O’Farrell, a 30-something virgin living in Philadelphia in the late 19th century, answers a job ad for a town father in a small California town.

When he arrives, he finds that the town of Hestia is nothing as he expected, for it’s populated with only women, about 300 of them. And guess what they’re looking for?
Yep, you’re right: A man. A man to help them…

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One comment on “Town Father – a review

  1. islandeditions
    January 9, 2016

    Thanks for reblogging, Kevin! Oh, wait … 😉

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