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Take the e-reader poll

Didn’t get a lot of responses yesterday on this, so I’m keeping it open. Take an msec — won’t you? — and let me know what kind of e-reader you use.

To the 10 people who have voted, thank you for being responsible e-citizens!


PS — Feel free to comment via the poll to clarify things like your preference when you own more than one device.

15 comments on “Take the e-reader poll

  1. 1WriteWay
    April 15, 2016

    Sorry I didn’t see this yesterday. It’s hell month at work and I’m missing a lot of good (and preferred) online conversation ;( Anyway, took the poll. I actually have read ebooks on more than one platform, but Kindle has become my primary ebook reader. I know … more information than you really need 😉

    • Kevin Brennan
      April 15, 2016

      Thanks, Marie! And the extra deets help. Seems like a lot of people have at least two devices but lean toward the Kindle format even when they’re reading on a tablet or phone or something like that. My Nook, for instance, is in an almost permanent state of suspended animation …

      [Sorry work is so crappy these days! 😱]

      • 1WriteWay
        April 15, 2016

        Yeah, I bought a Kobo a long time ago and now wish I hadn’t. (Work is such right now that I wish I were in a different line of work … ☹️)

  2. islandeditions
    April 15, 2016

    Not sure if your poll provider is allowing me more than one vote, but as I said yesterday, our household reads on Kindle, Kobo and Tablet. (Kobo and Tablet for library books, Overdrive format.)

    • Kevin Brennan
      April 15, 2016

      Yes, it’s set to one vote per, but your situation is duly noted!

  3. Donald Baker
    April 15, 2016

    The Nook tablet I have is a Samsung tablet sold by Barnes and noble , I also have the kindle app on it.

    I HAD a really nice Asus 10 inch tablet and left it on the cab of my truck then drove to work.

    • Kevin Brennan
      April 15, 2016

      Ouch! That’s the problem with these delicate (and pricey!) gizmos we’re carting around with us. Funny how you could have left a paperback on your truck and it would’ve been just fine …

  4. ericjbaker
    April 15, 2016

    Your poll is flawed in that it does not include “I do not own an e-reader.” I’m caught between wanting to support your polling success and not having an e-reader. Also, this post needs more nudity.

    • Kevin Brennan
      April 15, 2016

      I should have added “Trump” as an answer. That would take care of all the outliers.

      Most of what I do in life lacks nudity. 😩

  5. John W. Howell
    April 15, 2016

    Just so you know I voted yesterday.

  6. Wayne Halm
    April 15, 2016

    Aloha Kevin,

    I have both a Kindle and an iPad. I think I prefer reading on the Kindle.

    A Hui Hou,

    • Kevin Brennan
      April 15, 2016

      Thanks, Wayne. It’s looking like Kindle is the format of choice …

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