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¡Gracias, amigos!


Kudos are due to a few of my What The Hell friends, who — on terribly short notice — stepped up to the plate and helped me get my editing service, Indie-Scribable, off the ground. What did they do? Why, they were kind enough to write testimonials for the website, some of them after actually letting me hack away at their own work!

Here’s the brand new Testimonials page over at Indie-Scribable.

Many earnest thanks to Susan Toy, Mark Paxson, and William Pearse. I owe y’all one (or more).

And, incidentally, if you’re a soon-to-self-publish author, please consider dropping me a line to see if I can help you get your manuscript into primo condition for publication in this tough indie market. I specialize in proofreading and copyediting, but, as a fiction writer myself, I can also do more substantive work and/or beta-reading to work out the kinks.

Thanks again, Susan, Mark, and Bill! You’re all aces.

6 comments on “¡Gracias, amigos!

  1. pinklightsabre
    June 8, 2016

    The site looks fab Kevin! Crisp and polished, like you…! Enjoy your day. Bill

    • Kevin Brennan
      June 8, 2016

      Hey, thanks Bill! It’s nice having a page of happy customers.

  2. 1WriteWay
    June 8, 2016

    Awesome … and I need to get off my butt 😉

    • Kevin Brennan
      June 8, 2016

      I know there are a bunch of people just itching to review your first book to repay you for your generosity. I know because I’m one of ’em!

  3. islandeditions
    June 8, 2016

    Hey, I hope it helps! Best of luck!

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