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Here’s a new post over at my new blog, Indie-Scribable. Full disclosure: Yes, this is all about finding work! 😜



There’s the Bible. There’s the Koran. There’s the Torah. And there’s The Chicago Manual of Style.

Most editors rely on the CMS as their sole reference guide, even though, I’d argue, many style points can be vigorously debated. Like the famous Oxford comma, a lot of editorial details can be resolved in any number of seemingly practical ways. It’s just that the CMS settles arguments because … because it’s the CMS.

I like that there’s a go-to oracle for these things. It makes it all a lot easier. An author can use semicolons in a strange and befuddling way, and I can make my case against it by citing good ol’ Chicago. For consistency alone, it’s great to be able to say, This is how you handle the italicization of newspaper and periodical titles. There’s no need to fuss over it.

I think I probably learned more about good…

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