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Hitchhiker’s guide to reading Fascination

Kindle Aroma

A few people who have volunteered to be early adopters of Fascination and #guerrillapublishing reported last week having a little trouble getting the file onto their Kindles or other e-readers. I’ve held back on putting more explicit instructions on the blog because I didn’t want to intimidate people who are used to Amazon’s Whisper Net or whatever it’s called — instant gratification for book lovers.

The way to upload Fascination to your Kindle (or other device) is really very easy. Many who are adept on e-readers are used to emailing mobi files to their Kindle email address, and, voila, the book appears on their Kindle in short order. Well, unfortunately the pdf file of Fascination is too large to be emailed.

That means that the only way to transfer it from your desktop, where you’ll download it directly from me, is to plug your Kindle into the computer with a USB cable, then drag and drop the file into the Kindle’s documents folder. When you unplug the Kindle and power up, you’ll see it there on your intro screen.

For readers with an Android device such as a Kindle Fire or other tablet, you’ll need a helper app (the one I use is Android File Transfer, a free app). Once your device is connected to the computer, just drag and drop the file into the documents folder shown in the AFT window that opens up.

Here’s a link to instructions for reading a pdf file on your iPad or iPhone.

I also know of at least one reader who successfully uploaded Fascination to a Sony e-reader.

Likewise, I know of others who have been able to read it on a Kindle Paperwhite and other Kindle models.

Nook? You’re probably out of luck, since the file is visually optimized for other devices. However, anyone can still read the book on a PC or laptop, in living color.

The drag and drop (or copy and paste) method has been working on all my own tests, and many happy readers are having success with them too.

That said, if you buy the book and have any trouble at all getting it onto your device, contact me and I will help you with the transfer. It’s the least I can do, since you’re a generous participant in my radical book-selling scheme.

I’m now providing these instructions with each sale, so don’t worry — you don’t have to write all this down.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the first glimpse of the Fascination Hall of Fame, which will appear in copies sold as of today!

Add your name to the list by picking up a copy of Fascination for more than $5.99. You can pay less, of course, but Hall of Famers are in for $6 and up. And from now on, when you join the Hall of Fame, your copy of the book will have your name in it!

3 comments on “Hitchhiker’s guide to reading Fascination

  1. John W. Howell
    August 15, 2016

    I’m in heaven. My Fascination loaded on my Kindle through the Mac. 🙂

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