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The first review of Fascination is in!


I didn’t think it would come this soon! What a delightful surprise, then, when I roamed through the WordPress Reader yesterday and found a spectacular review on Audrey Driscoll’s blog.

As I told Audrey when I immediately shot her an email, the most gratifying thing was that she had taken this book in the almost ridiculous spirit in which it was intended. A light romp with brief brushes with philosophical profundity. Or at least with Psychology 101. My hope is that other readers will gobble it up that way too, not as a plot-driven thrill ride but more like “the journey’s the thing — sit back and enjoy it!”

In the world of #guerrillapublishing, everything depends on readers like Audrey, and you, taking book under their wing and spreading the good word. The only way for people to hear about it is through your proselytizing. Reviews, tweets, emails to your moms and dads, gifts of the book (I’ll inscribe copies to anyone you like), and all-around word-of-mouth.

Anyway, here’s a pull quote from the review. You can read the whole thing here. And you can get your own copy of Fascination here.

Kevin Brennan has created a finely-textured novel, with laughs (or at least smiles) on every page. Whether it’s groan-inducing puns or agile prose that creates vivid scenes in the reader’s personal mind-movie, the alert reader will find way more than the captivating plot to reward their decision to read Fascination.

(By the way, Audrey is also a novelist, and you might recall that she recently penned a guest post here at What The Hell on fiction and technology.)

3 comments on “The first review of Fascination is in!

  1. 1WriteWay
    August 17, 2016

    Yay! I’ve shared Audrey’s review … just so you know 😉

  2. John W. Howell
    August 17, 2016


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