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KingMidget and I talk #guerrillapublishing


Friend of the blog, and everybody’s favorite KingMidget, Mark Paxson, has wrapped up his series on Fascination and #guerrillapublishing, which he graciously ran last week. We did an extensive interview together that he broke up into three parts. If you’d like to peruse, click: Part I, Part II, or Part III. His concluding post about it all is here.

Mark and I are definitely on the same page when it comes to the state of indie publishing and how writers of literary fiction are finding it hard to galvanize a following. As Mark says, indie is loaded with genre fiction, and to toss a nice literary novel about family dynamics or something like that into the mix is like throwing a dime into the Mariana Trench.

We both think that #guerrillapublishing — my off-the-wall approach to selling Fascination — is one possible way to swim against the current. There’s not much to lose in trying it, anyway, simply because continuing to do the same thing and expect different results is the definition of insanity. I’ll be publishing my next book the usual way, so call me insane, but in the meantime I’ll at least have taken a shot at this thing with #guerrillapublishing.

Stay tuned for a Fascination update tomorrow. And pop by Amazon to check out Mark’s legal thriller, One Night In Bridgeport. It has sixty-one reviews. I’m so jealous.

One more nod of thanks to Mark, and I hope everyone will think about hopping aboard the #guerrillapublishing experiment with us.

6 comments on “KingMidget and I talk #guerrillapublishing

  1. Audrey Driscoll
    August 31, 2016

    Kevin, I wonder if you could post a “how-to” or “how I did it” about #guerrillapublishing? For example, how to set up your website for selling stuff, what you did to make it work with PayPal, etc. Might be helpful to anyone who wants to try it but isn’t sure where to start.

    • Kevin Brennan
      August 31, 2016

      Great idea, Audrey! The PayPal stuff is pretty easy, though. It’s the process of making a pdf file look right that took me the most time. And I didn’t use Word, so it could be software-dependent. If more people try it, we’ll know for sure!

      • Audrey Driscoll
        August 31, 2016

        That’s true, you have to do your own quality control on the pdf. Another thing, though — does your WordPress site have to be self-hosted to sell through it?

      • Kevin Brennan
        August 31, 2016

        It’s all in the buttons, which you get from PayPal. I’ll write up a post for next week. And you don’t have to self-host.

  2. cinthiaritchie
    August 31, 2016

    OMG, you published a NMT of your own!
    P.S. Loved the interview series.

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