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Lend me your rear


Today’s the last day of Town Father‘s 99 cent sale, and I need your help.

In all likelihood, this’ll be the last EReader News Today promo for TF. I learned with both Yesterday Road and Occasional Soulmates that each promo yields fewer sales — that pesky law of diminishing returns — so my rigid cost/benefit rules will preclude me from dropping another $40.

This means it’s yall’s last chance to get Town Father for less than a buck.

But you could also give it as a gift, which is easy to do on Amazon. Or refer this post to readers you know who might like to read about one man living among 300 women.

Thanks to yesterday’s sales, TF cracked the top 100 of the  Literature & Fiction > Historical Fiction > United States list (No. 86 this a.m.), and that’s very nice indeed. But another fifteen copies and I break even on this investment. I’ll take that over a few more ticks up the list!

Buy Town Father here. Tell ’em I sent you and they’ll treat you right.

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