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Tuesday – Anything Possible – Review of Fascination by Kevin Brennan

A new review of Fascination, by a Texas gentleman I’ve never met (honest!). Muchas gracias, Mr. Howell!

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Today  I am  reviewing the book Fascination by Kevin Brennan. I have read a number of books by this author, and the one thing that strikes me about all of them is how good the writing and interesting the story. Fascination is no exception and in some ways is the best book yet written by Kevin Brennan. (Of course, a statement like that has to be taken in the context of  the best of the best)

The story starts simply enough with Sally Speck whose maiden name was Sally Pavlou having to endure the pain of the suicide of her husband, Mason Speck. Sally could not believe Mason was capable of such and act and so she failed to accept the fact that he was dead. Sally is a masseuse and does that for a living. She also is an expert at the arcade game of the 1930’s named Fascination. Sally…

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One comment on “Tuesday – Anything Possible – Review of Fascination by Kevin Brennan

  1. John W. Howell
    October 12, 2016

    Thanks for the reblog Kevin. You’re right we’ve never met. 🙂

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