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Many writers, even young ones whose fingers never hovered over the keys of a humming IBM Selectric, insist on putting two spaces after a period in their manuscripts. This is way old school. Typewriters, you see, used to use fixed-width fonts — Courier mostly — and the two spaces after a sentence helped with readability of the typescript. Typesetters were in the same boat.

But now we have computers with variable-width fonts, and a lot of our work is converted to one of the main ebook formats (EPUB or MOBI) for publication. The two spaces after sentence-ending periods can foul you up.

Trust me, I’ve seen it in my own stuff. An errant extra space that happens to come at the end of a line in a given font size (controlled by the reader, don’t forget) can cause a weird-looking layout that distracts easily distracted eyeballs. And in paperback formatting…

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