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This certainly helps …

Along with the Wendell Berry poem, “The Peace of Wild Things,” which a number of people have sent to me in the last week and a half, this gorgeous little film has gone a long way toward reorienting me. Nobody says it better than John Muir when it comes to nailing down why nature is the genuine nurturer.

3 comments on “This certainly helps …

  1. kingmidget
    November 19, 2016

    I would love the sound of a waterfall or rapids right about now. Sigh…

    • Kevin Brennan
      November 19, 2016

      Well, the rain’s a comin’. Guess that’ll have to do … ☔️

      • kingmidget
        November 19, 2016

        Yep. It’s been too long since I went for a hike. Maybe TGiving weekend.

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