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Expert tease


Just a reminder that I’m here if you need me. For proofreading or copyediting, that is. Oh, and low-cost beta reading too.

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to get that brand new manuscript of yours into shape for publication, don’t forget that professional editing is essential for indie authors these days. But rather than paying the same price you’d pay for a 1999 Jaguar XJ Vanden Plas (104,000 miles), let me help you at a penny a word for proofreading.

Read more about my services at the Indie-Scribable website. And, incidentally, I’ve added beta reading to my menu, so I can now help you whip your ms into shape before editing.

As competition increases in the indie world and the market becomes more and more crowded, it’s crucial that your book stand out — and not just in its cover design and blurb. It has to distinguish itself in quality.

Contact me directly for more information at kevinbrennan520(at)gmail(dot)com. Operators are standing by.

I sought out Indie-Scribable to get my manuscript ready to query for a traditional publishing path. I’m so glad I did, because it was a pleasure to work with Kevin on the edits for my new novel, The Bone Plague. His professionalism and expertise are top-notch, and his insights invaluable.

~ Carrie Rubin, author Eating Bull





4 comments on “Expert tease

  1. Carrie Rubin
    January 7, 2017

    I love that you’ve added beta reading services. I think that makes great sense and is a valuable resource for writers. (And thanks for the link to my book in the testimonial!)

    • Kevin Brennan
      January 7, 2017

      Thanks for writing such a quotable testimonial! (The gift that keeps on giving …) 😉

  2. Audrey Driscoll
    January 7, 2017

    Just curious — do you have an add-on service writing “blurbs” (plot descriptions)? After all, having read a book closely in order to edit it, you would be positioned to do that, for an extra charge, of course.

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