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Things Trump has done since last Wednesday


Kind of a light week, though I’ve been kind of busy myself. I might have missed some subtler things, but here’s what President #ShitGibbon (look it up on Twitter!) has done just since February 8th:

・Lambasted Nordstrom for dropping Ivanka Trump’s line of products. “Terrible!”

・Falsely claimed that the US murder rate is the highest it’s been in 47 years.

・Found out his dumb wall is going to cost at least $21.6 billion, pretty much twice his earlier estimates. And he’s in the building trade!

・Removed, via Betsy DeVos, an Education Department website devoted to children with disabilities.

・Coordinated the national response to the North Korean missile test in full view of diners at Mar-a-Lago (one of whom posted photos of the moment on Facebook lickity split.)

・Failed to fire national security adviser, Michael Flynn, who wound up resigning under pressure anyway. Mikie F. had chats with Russia then lied about them to Mikie Pence.

Look for that phrase “then lied about them” in future editions of Things Trump Has Done Since Last Wednesday.


4 comments on “Things Trump has done since last Wednesday

  1. Woebegone but Hopeful
    February 15, 2017

    What is very worrying and dispiriting to this Brit if that even if one-quarter of what’s being said about the President and his staff is actually true then why isn’t the £ rising against the $…..
    We must be in a worse state than I feared. (I wonder what Dr Suess would have made of Brexit?)

    • Kevin Brennan
      February 15, 2017

      So right. Why is the Dow skyrocketing when there’s nothing but instability on the horizon? I’m gettin’ scared …

      But I’d sure love to read Dr. Seuss’ book about Brexit! (Hard to rhyme Brexit, though …)

      • Woebegone but Hopeful
        February 16, 2017

        Dow? Lots of removing of regulations and statutory bodies, increased opportunities to makes lots of money by shady ways! (Happy Daze are here again—sing along everybody!!)
        Rhymes with
        ‘Hex it’
        ‘Vex it’
        ‘Wrecks it’
        ‘Rejects it’
        ‘Suspects it’
        If you’ve been living in the UK since the disaster-sorry referendum result- such phrases come easily.

      • Kevin Brennan
        February 16, 2017

        Dr. Seuss would approve … 😉

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