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A timely tune from What The Hell

Here’s a little bossa nova number I did to help you get used to omnipresent government surveillance. It’s a fact of life, you know. But, as the lyrics point out, “‘Member if you’ve done nothin’ wrong, you got nothin’ to hide.”

This one is more jazzy than my other songs, so give a listen and see if you like the vibe. I also used some fun effects here and there, including a chick speaking Portuguese at the end (to highlight the bossa feel), as well as allusions in the coda to Santana and The Police.

Crazy, but I somehow did the guitar solo in one take — totally improvised. There’s hope for me yet! (Musically, anyway …)

As always, I’m no singer but the song has words so I sung ‘em.

Cradle to Grave

Things are getting rough out there,

No time for private pleasures.

We gotta keep our eye on you,

So you can’t take countermeasures.


     Above you, below you,

     We’re all around and we’re doublin’ down,

     We are watching you,

     Cradle to grave,

     We got you covered,

     Cradle to grave. Yeah.

Welcome to your surveillance state,

Don’t feel like you’re under duress.

Our cameras follow you all day long,

And your phone has GPS.


Your Mac has ears and eyes,

You’re laying down a track.

You think you’re surfin’ all alone,

But your Mac is lookin’ back


Pay no attention to that drone up there,

On its reconnaissance ride.

‘Member if you’ve done nothin’ wrong,

You got nothin’ to hide.


You might not like our methods,

You’re not down with how we spy.

Just go about your business

Beneath our benevolent eye.

We know when you’ve been sleeping,

We know when you’re awake.

We know you met that girl online and

You took her to the lake.

Yeah, right.


You’ll have to wear a balaclava

As you go from place to place,

So when you order at Mickey D’s,

We can’t identify your face.


You’re gonna change your evil ways

We’ll be watchin’ you …

2 comments on “A timely tune from What The Hell

  1. Carrie Rubin
    March 17, 2017

    Great stuff, Kevin. Enjoyed listening to it!

    • Kevin Brennan
      March 17, 2017

      Thanks, Carrie! It was a fun one to put together … 😉

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