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Everyone wants to get a head

Look at these cool mud heads we found on a trail a few weeks ago. It was in the middle of a barrage of storms, so the trail was heavy red mud full of craters and orange puddles. Someone must have gotten inspired and decided to sculpt a couple of whimsical heads out of it.

We found them curing on a sunny berm to one side of the trail, looking up into the sky like a pair of idlers with no particular place to go. Maybe they have names. They haven’t told us yet, but I think they’re glad we rescued them from that spot because if they’d been left there they’d surely have returned to their mud state and nobody would have laid eyes on them ever again.

We think they’re art, found art. And they’re going to get a nice place on one of our shelves where they’ll inspire conversation and recollections. With any luck we’ll remember where we found them, since even now we say, whenever we walk past that berm, “There’s where we found the mud heads.”

2 comments on “Everyone wants to get a head

  1. pinklightsabre
    April 23, 2017

    Totally into found art. That’s pretty overt found art, though. I have a tree stump that’s kind of hollowed out, kind of like a large piece of driftwood I guess that looks just like the eagle character from the Muppets, if you can remember that: the really self-important, uptight freaking Eagle. This looks like that, and I found a perfectly round rock that looks like an egg that I have by the eagle, out front our house. It’s a good way of saying we’re not normal, that’s my goal with it. It makes people stop and comment. Or stay away…maybe the way they thought in Pennsylvania Dutch country, like with hex signs on barns or ‘gazing globes’ in the lawns, it would keep witches out.

    • Kevin Brennan
      April 24, 2017

      I like the idea of objects meant to scare away potential visitors. Surprising how “we’re not normal” keeps people at bay.

      I do remember that eagle. I feel like I know some people like that eagle …

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