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Hawking a new song … Stephen Hawking, that is

Do you ever find yourself reading scientific material that’s a little bit over your head, but you still try to make sense of it and put it into words you can understand?

Well, over the years I’ve read a lot of stuff about quantum physics and string theory and Schrödinger’s Cat, etc., and though I can’t describe what I know to anybody else, I can at least write a little song about it!

This is what happens when a layman tries to blind you with SCIENCE.

You’ll recognize a little nod to The Who’s version of “Summertime Blues,” I hope. With synthesizers!

And like I said the other day, if you don’t have time to listen per se, click play and let it run so I can boost my Soundcloud numbers. Or hang around and dig the groove.

If you don’t,  Schrödinger’s Cat gets it!

(PS — All of these tunes sound best on headphones …)

2 comments on “Hawking a new song … Stephen Hawking, that is

  1. Ilona Elliott
    September 9, 2017

    Very clever tune Kevin. Enjoyed listening!

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