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What Might Have Been

A poignant tribute to a lost friend, inspired by music.

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What might have been were you to have lived?

You would turn 53 today.  Your already thinning hair would probably be all gone now.  You’d be bald as your father has been for years.  But still skinny as a rail.  You would have seen your mother pass instead of the other way around.  And you’d be here now as your father, in his early 90s is finally giving in to his age.  Maybe you would have kept the property in Lincoln so he wouldn’t have to sell it just a few months ago.  Maybe he’d be with you now, in a room in your house.  Telling his stories incessantly and watching his grand kids become adults.  Maybe.

What might have been had you not been left on a gurney in the hallway because you were young and healthy?

Maybe you’d be married.  Maybe to Kathy.  Maybe the two of you…

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This entry was posted on October 20, 2017 by in Publishing.
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