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Andreiana ~ fiction by Phillip McCollum

Today at The Disappointed Housewife, a story by What The Hell amigo, Phillip McCollum. Phillip did his own cover art too! Check it out, and be sure to follow TDH so you don’t miss a thing.

The Disappointed Housewife

November 7th, 1985

Grigory kept the window rolled down because he was fighting the Sandman. A cold Siberian gale whipped through thin strands of brown hair which stretched from the top of his forehead to just below his bald crown, like long clumps of seaweed reaching out over an empty seabed.

A contraband copy of Born in the USA blared through the speakers. Grigory knew every word and when the chorus came, he belted it out the window at the passing Angara River. He laughed to himself, knowing that wherever Comrade Springsteen was, he had no clue that Grigory Sokolov was about to save his life.


As Grigory maneuvered the rusted yellow Lada over a pocked road, the steering wheel rubbed against his borscht-built belly. The third car he had driven in as many days had a kink in its alignment. In the distance, Boguchany Dam stood tall–a gray…

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