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Spellbinding stuff at The Housewife

You’ll want to pop over to The Disappointed Housewife today to feast your brain on a remarkable “text collage” assembled by a fellow name of Hanuszkiewicz Marcin. It’s definitely an uncategorizeable piece of writing, so I’ve put it in my Faux Forms & Genres folder, where I’m sure it will feel at home.

What Hanuszkiewicz did was feed a neural network with articles about “cnidarians, fungi, and the Moon,” and this is what came out — with a little help from Hanuszkiewicz I’m sure.

See what you think. It’s full of fascinating accidental phrases that are actually beautiful, and it seems like something Borges might have scribbled into a notepad for later.

And, of course, while you’re at The Housewife, please follow.

[Image via Pixabay.]

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