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6 stillborn novels ~ fiction by Kevin Brennan

I have a crate-full of books that didn’t quite gel. Over at The Disappointed Housewife, I’ve collected six openings to novels that, most likely, won’t ever see the light of day. Makes me kinda wistful …

The Disappointed Housewife


The first time he was aware that his brother was somehow
installed inside him, like a piece of covert software
or a pacemaker, the two of them were in a crib. It was
nighttime, and the moon was shining through the window
of the room they lived in. He was anxious for some reason,
staring at the ceiling because the way the moonlight
reflected on it was strange. It seemed to move. He began
to fidget and squirm, afraid that the walls and the crib
might dissolve and he’d be left with nothing to hold him
up anymore. It was an infant’s fear. Unreasonable, he knew
now, but real enough at the time. It gripped him, and he
was about to scream about it and summon the woman, but a
voice or a signal or some kind of message came to him from
inside himself, saying, not so much…

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